“Shadeism” (i.e. colorism) is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on a range of social meanings attached to the shade of their skin colour.

In collaboration between the 3MW Collective and Refuge Productions (producers of ‘Shadeism‘). “COMPLEXion” will share multiple stories related to shadeism, from a wide spectrum of people of colour expressed through a variety of mediums including, visual art and installations, music, film, and poetry — together producing a complex and powerful visual and emotional experience.

The opening reception will take place on Thursday, October 3, from 7-11pm.

*The exhibition runs from October 3 to October 7, by appointment only 647-725-0896. The exhibition will also be part of Nuit Blanche, Saturday October 5th from 7pm to 7am.

Participating Artists:
+ Shaina Agbayani
+ Georgina Agbango
+ Nadia Alam
+ Muna Ali
+ Lelu Angwenyi
+ Jordan Clarke
+ Sedina Fiati
+ Tavila Disha Haque
+ Jeni Hallam
+ Bilan Hashi
+ Jade Lee Hoy
+ Angelot Ndongmo
+ Dre Ngozi
+ Joanna Delos Reyes
+ Luxshanaa Sebarajah
+ Ayan Siyad
+ Marie Sotto
+ Ilene Sova
+ Sanchari Sur
+ Sun the Real Sun / Students of Lost Lyrics
+ Rema Tavares
+ Nayani Thiyagarajah



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